Donna Rae, 2002


Date of birth: 1966.

Donna Rae arrived at the lab when she was 12 years old from the Animal Kingdom Talent Service, and was walked into her cage where she remained for 19 years. She apparently learned to play a guitar and ride a bicycle. Her kind nature got her a place in the breeding program but not forever. In her last 5 years at the lab Ch-304 was involved in several studies on HIV. Following one intervention the pain was so intense that it put her into a state of shock. During her years as a research chimp she would endure many days filled with pain from lymph node or bone marrow biopsies or sex skin wounds inflicted during knockdowns or the constant irritation that must have followed the perpetual vaginal washes. Continually mutilating herself, Donna always looked as though she had given up all hope.