Billy, 2002


Date of birth: 1968.

Billy Jo was purchased in by LEMSIP in 1983. For 15 years before, he lived with a man in New York State, entertaining with Sue Ellen. During this period his teeth were knocked out with a crowbar. When his owner could no longer afford to keep him, he was sent on to the laboratory. In 14 years at the lab, "Ch-447" was knocked down over 289 times - 65 by dart with 4 or 5 men surrounding his cage pummeling darts into his body to anaesthetize him for a routine blood draw. In the lab he would shake his cage back and forth trying desperately to prevent anyone from approaching. During one fit of anxiety, he bit off his index finger. In addition to several HIV inoculations, Billy endured 40 punch liver biopsies, 3 open wedge liver biopsies, 3 bone marrow biopsies and 2 lymph node biopsies with no tangible or practical results. He also chewed off both thumbs as he woke up alone from knockdowns.